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BELMONDO shoes and accessories — up-to-date design with a love of detail for that personal touch



Up-to-date design with a love of detail for that personal touch.


With its shoes and accessories BELMONDO adds a unique and creative final touch to any outfit. The brand has now been successful since 1989 with this philosophy. Decades of experience and comprehensive expertise in style and fashion have turned BELMONDO into a major player on the shoes and accessories markets.

BELMONDO gives its customers the confidence of wearing fashionable and stylish design that highlights their individuality. The BELMONDO design team interprets major international trends to allow men and women to develop their own look and express their personality.

At BELMONDO, particular importance is attached to high-quality materials and perfect finishing. The collections accompany the customers throughout the day. And so BELMONDO pays particular attention, for instance, to the fit of the shoes.

Up-to-the-minute design, high-quality finishing, a love of detail and affordable prices — that is how the secret of the brand's success can be summarised.